BREEF Celebrates 20 years of Marine Conservation in The Bahamas


BREEF Celebrates 20 years of Marine Conservation in The Bahamas

The Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation (BREEF) was founded in 1993 by the late Sir Nicholas Nuttall to address growing concerns on the state of The Bahamian marine environment. BREEF’s vision is for a Bahamas in which all people appreciate the value of our seas and take action to ensure a healthy marine environment for the future. BREEF recognises that a healthy sea supports our culture and economy, and makes The Bahamas a truly special place in the world.  There is a tremendous diversity of life to be found on our coral reefs, seagrass beds, sand flats, mangrove creeks and open ocean. BREEF advocates for the sustainable use of the marine environment through education, research and environmental policy.

In collaboration with local and international partners, BREEF’s initial efforts focused on providing support for the establishment of a network of marine reserves in The Bahamas as a key measure for ensuring healthy marine resources for generations to come. The Bahamas has now committed to protecting 20% of the near-shore marine environment within a network of protected areas and many new protected areas have recently been established, with more on the way.

BREEF is well known as an advocate for the closed season on the iconic Nassau Grouper during its winter breeding period. The push for the closed season was based on scientific evidence of population collapses throughout the region due to overfishing. BREEF recognizes that as a nation of islands we depend heavily on our marine environment and the important fish, crawfish and conch that underpin our fishing industry.  In order to sustain livelihoods we must learn to use the environment… without using it up.

BREEF’s field and classroom programmes for students and teachers are highly regarded in the education community. Responding to the need to educate the Bahamian public on ways we impact our oceans, BREEF began hosting an annual extended summer training workshop. This sought-after workshop equips teachers with the knowledge, skills and resources needed to share important stewardship skills to generations of Bahamians. 

Over the past two decades the organisation has expanded its work in research, public education and advocacy, and has grown to have members and supporters throughout The Bahamas and around the world. To date, over 600 teachers have participated in BREEF’s intensive experiential marine conservation workshops, reaching 20,000+ Bahamian students. Over 10,000 children have attended BREEF-led field trips and classroom experiences and 19 schools throughout the Bahamas are a part of BREEF’s Eco-Schools programme. In past summers more than 700 children have enjoyed BREEF’s marine conservation Sea Camps.

As the only organization dedicated solely to Bahamian marine conservation, BREEF is unique. After 20 years of success it is well poised to build upon and continue its work as agents for the preservation of our ocean heritage.

Technical details:
Designer                                 Bee Design
Photography                           BREEF, Stuart Cove Dive Bahamas, 
                                                  Sandy Voegeli, Grant Johnson, Katie Grudecki
Printer                                      Lowe-Martin Group
Process                                   Stochastic Lithography
Perforation                              13 per 2cms
Stamp size                              28.8 x 43.2mm
Sheet Layout                          10 (2 x 5 with a central label)
Release Date                          29 October 2013
Production Co-ordination    Creative Direction (Worldwide) Ltd

We acknowledge with thanks the help and assistance of BREEF.

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